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ODB Programs: Creative Solutions That Positively Impact Students Lives

Our programs reach high school students and college freshmen and sophomores who are at risk of not completing their secondary and post-secondary education. Georgia has 35,000 certified homeless students in its public schools — 3,000+ of whom are juniors and seniors struggling each day to graduate from high school. There is very little support for these students, homeless through no fault of their own, to access and complete college. Our coaching solution and ongoing advocacy helps these high school and college disadvantaged students overcome personal and academic education barriers.


ODBODB’s 12-Week After School Coaching Program

Research shows “it’s not too late” to help a teen regardless of circumstances—positively transform his/her life.

ODB provides executive level certified coaching to high school students who are homeless, in foster care, or experiencing high poverty – students at a significantly greater risk of not completing their education. 

The goals are to build upon academic learning of high school students in foster care; to assist them in creating self-driven education and life plans; to empower them to further their post-secondary education through internships, apprenticeships and community involvement; and to provide them tools (laptops) to aid their future success, and offer program graduates college and career readiness events and “college bound experiences.”

Held on a university campus or Technical school, each class is comprised of 25-30 high school teens. Each student receives executive-level certified life coaching, ODB’s 7 Rules for the Road curriculum, meals and materials at no cost to them. Throughout the 12 weeks, students develop their own life and education plans. They are connected with a family of ODB advocates who will help them effectively overcome barriers as they work to achieve their plans. Students who successfully complete the program present their life and education plans at graduation, are honored as ODB Grads, earn a laptop and an orange duffel bag.

ODB’s 12-week after school coaching program, independently evaluated and evidence based, produces transformational positive outcomes:

• Self-reliance

• Self-advocacy

• Education planning and career exploration

• Improved critical thinking

• Safe and sustainable relationships

• Community involvement

• Peer-to-peer mentoring

Each coaching class is continually measured for key long-term and short-term outcomes:

• High school education achievement

• SAT, ACT or Compass – test prep and exam completion

• FAFSA Completion

• Entrance to college or technical school

• Post-secondary achievement

• Successful transition out of foster care or homelessness

• Stable housing



CCCODB’s Coaching for College Completion (CCC) Overview

ODB’s CCC helps young adults with limited resources create an education plan and connects them to solutions for post-secondary success.

CCC’s curriculum offers a team of experts who assist college students in creating self-driven education and life plans; to empower them to further their post-secondary education. Each class is led by executive-level certified life coach and students are connected with college advisors and ODB advocates who help them navigate the academic and social aspects of post-secondary education.  Students also receive meals and materials at no cost to them. Upon successfully completing CCC students earn a $200.00 scholarship to help them achieve post secondary success.

ODB’s CCC program is independently evaluated and evidence based to achieve the following outcomes for the participants:

• Completion of coursework and continuing forward in college

• GPA improvement

• Completion of a 2 or 4-year college, technical school, or set of courses for a certificate program

• Self-advocacy

• Improved leadership skills

• Safe and sustainable relationships

• Peer-to-peer connections with college students, tutors and advocates