My Sky is Falling

My Sky is Falling
2012 – present

My Sky Is Falling is an immersive storyworld that aims to raise awareness about the challenges American foster children face before they age out of the foster care system. It was conceived and produced within Lance Weiler’s Columbia University New Media Producing class and is the pilot for a Story Design Lab that is being built at the school. My Sky is Falling was made possible through a partnership between Reboot Stories and NGO’s Orange Duffel Bag Initiative and The Harmony Institute.

Collaborators and designers

Elements of the storyline were drawn from the life of Lydia Joyner, who was once a foster child. She is the writer/director/producer of the film Sunny Lane.

As the project continues additional foster care children who are within or who have aged out of the system will be part of the on going design process. 

First design team of Columbia University Students
Community design: Olutoyin Adeyemi, Julie Begey Seureau, Kathy Zhang
Tech design: Binyan Chen
Experience design: Jarmar Banks, Vyasar Ganesan, Michael Nardone, Yinuo Wang
Production: Caroline Taylor, Laura Lamansky
Story: Munire Bozdemir, Joyce Fan, Hannah Bisewski
TA: Jing Wang

Core team
Project Creator / Executive Producer: Lance Weiler
Creative Director & Producer: Atley Loughridge

Initial concept art for the first release of MSiF created by Alex Ruiz.

My Sky is Falling is a Reboot Stories purposeful storytelling prototype made in conjunction with Columbia University, the Orange Duffle Bag Initiative and the Harmony Institute. Released under a Creative Commons sharealike, non-commercial license, My Sky is Falling is available to those wishing to engage in purposeful storytelling and social good. The framework of the project is open and is intended to be shared and remix.

About Reboot Stories

Reboot Stories harnesses storytelling, technology and design science to form an innovation engine for digital literacy, cross-generational learning and social change. Co-founded by Lance Weiler in 2011, Reboot Stories has partnered with the UN, the World Economic Forum, Columbia University and others to design and run innovative global cross-generational learning projects. In 2012, Reboot Stories was awarded the prestigious Tribeca New Media Fund award. Mashable recently named Reboot Stories “one of the top five social good / educational startups to watch.”

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