5th Annual ODBI Charity Golf Tournament | August 21, 2016




5th Annual ODBI Charity Golf Tournament coming
August 21, 2016 at Indian Hills Country Club




Special thanks to Dwayne Kasper for snapping the day’s pics from our early morning registration to the last golfer who bid us farewell till next year!! Dwayne also created this amazing Flickr resource for us to share the event photos. Thank you, Dwayne, for volunteering your time and talent!

Orange Duffel Bag Initiative wholeheartedly thanks our sponsors and participants at the 4th Annual Golf Classic at Indian Hills Country Club.  Your golf skills, camaraderie and enthusiastic support can be viewed, downloaded and shared from Flickr.com, login instructions below:

  1. Go to http://www.flickr.com
  2. Click Sign In (top navigation bar)
  3. Enter [email protected] as Email Address, click Next
  4. Enter S*mBr*ck*n as Password, click Sign In
  5. Scroll over You (top navigation bar), click Camera Roll
  6. View and click on photos (click 4 square icon to reduce number of pictures per row)
  7. To Sign Out, click the Camera Icon (top right), click Sign Out

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